Which bank borrows notary fees?

When purchasing your home, the additional costs – also called notary fees – can add up considerably. We understand that you want to take out an extra loan for these costs. Which bank borrows notary fees? You will find out in this blog.

But say, is a notary really necessary?


When purchasing a home, the intervention of a notary is mandatory. He is the person who informs and guides you during the purchasing process. For example, it is the responsibility of the notary to arrange all necessary certificates and deeds.

What are the notary fees?

What are the notary fees?

It is difficult to speak about the notary fees because it is actually an umbrella term. For example, the notary fees generally consist of:

1. Registration fees

Only since June 2018 have the registration fees been set at 7% on the purchase amount of a home. And now the new Flemish government has again set a reduction. So you pay from January 1, 2020, just 6% registration fees in exchange for the abolition of the housing bonus.

You should pay the amount of the registration fees to your notary, who in turn transfers it to the tax authorities.

2. Deed costs

Your notary incurs a few administrative costs when drawing up the deed, which he charges to you. For example, it can be about a mortgage certificate, the soil certificate, and tax searches.

3. Fee

The notary’s fees are laid down by law and consist of a fixed percentage on the purchase price of your home.

Why borrow for notary fees?


Simple: because the amounts above can increase considerably. The registration rights alone will cost you a lot. If the purchase price of your home is 200,000 USD, you already pay around 12,000 USD for the registration fees.

Not everyone has that amount in a savings account just like that. And what you do not have in your own contribution, you will have to borrow.

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