Borrowing money on the weekend on Saturday is possible.

Different ways to get money quickly on the weekend on Saturday, also for you!

Different ways to get money quickly on the weekend on Saturday, also for you!

If you want to borrow money quickly on weekends like on Saturdays and you need a few tens or maybe a few hundred USD quickly, where can you go? You have to do your shopping urgently or you want to go out with your friends. Or you stand in the Mediamarkt and see a super offer of a plasma TV that only applies today. These are the moments when you want to borrow money on Saturday. This article lists the options that you have.

1) Borrow from family and friends

You can ask your friends or family to borrow money. The advantage is that you do not have to pay interest. The disadvantage is that your personal relationship with your family or friends will come under pressure if it appears that you cannot pay the money or cannot pay it on time. If you do pay on time then there is nothing wrong. It is often the case that the principle ‘for what hears what’ applies.

2) Pawn your things


You can pledge your things at various properties in the Netherlands (also known as borrowing things). Some are also open on Saturdays. This means that you sell your property, get money for it immediately, and have the right to buy back your property within a certain period. You can pledge various goods, such as cars, jewelry (gold, silver, diamond), electronics (your TV, camera, mobile phone). This option is also commonly referred to as ‘borrowing with collateral’. The disadvantage is that you get your money immediately. The disadvantage is that you have to look for a property. It may be that this is not close by and that you have to travel a long way, which also costs money.

3) Take out a mini loan.

This is an emergency loan that you can also take out on Saturday with some lenders. For example, one of these providers is Cashbob.

The principle works easily. You go to the website of such a mini-loan provider, you send some personal details, you send an SMS and you immediately hear whether your application has been approved. The money is transferred to your account within 10 minutes. You can usually borrow up to 750 USD. An additional advantage is that there is no BKR check. So if you already have debts or are in the BKR because you were unable to pay your telephone bill a few times in the past, then there is a good chance that this is not a problem for getting a mini loan.


Sometimes you have to get money quickly during the weekend and you want to borrow money somewhere quickly. Fortunately there are options to get money urgently on Saturday. If you do not want to damage your personal relationships, it is best to pledge something from yourself or borrow the money from a lender.

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