A problem with your credit card? Do not panic !

Thanks to their ease of use, credit cards are the most practical means of payment, especially abroad. If we believe all the figures available, they are also particularly reliable. According to The Nilson Report of mid-2013, we record for all credit cards combined frauds of about 6 cents of dollar on 100 dollars treated. A figure that drops to an average of 1 cent dollar if you only consider credit cards with a PIN code (which is the case for all Best Bank credit cards).

This of course does not mean that credit cards are foolproof

credit cards are foolproof

And in the event of a problem, we will do everything to help you as best as possible. As a service oriented bank, we swear by satisfied customers. And if for some reason or other they do not happen, it is more than normal for us to react in the most dynamic and rapid way possible.

This happy outcome is exceptional. In general, people in a similar situation unfortunately never get their money back. However, we do everything in our power to help our customers the best.

How to avoid such a situation? Never transmit your confidential data to third parties, whether by telephone, e-mail or on the Internet, not even your bank. They will never ask you to provide them with confidential information by telephone, email or SMS.

Problem solving doesn’t stop there

credit cards

We also helped Joana Del Prado, from Bruges, who recently wanted to book an excursion to an amusement park in the Netherlands. “I wanted to stay at the hotel du parc,” he explains. “So I called the reservations department andgave them my Best Bank credit card number. However, for some reason, my payment has been declined.

Joana Del Prado therefore called on the Best Bank With this information, Joana Del Prado contacted the amusement park again.“ The error turned out to come from the amusement park reservation system. They agreed to make an exception and authorized me to pay for the stay there, which is normally not possible. ” Genos Sasing also recently encountered a very specific problem that Best BankService Center. “A kind collaborator answered me. He could see that a payment had been ‘initiated’, but that it had not passed. He also assured me that everything was in order with my account and that my balance was sufficient to be able to make a payment.

Service Center solved for him. ” I was going on a trip to Spain, and I had unfortunately brought my Maestro card instead of my credit card, “says Genos.

However, he only noticed it when he wanted to rent a car on site “It was then that I noticed that I had forgotten my credit card. So I immediately called Best Bank  Service Center, who assured the rental agency that there was no problem and that I could rent a car without any problem!


Do you have a problem with the use of your credit card?

credit card?

Do not hesitate to contact Best Bank Service Center. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find a solution for every problem, but we will do everything to help you as best as possible and as soon as possible.

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